Tiger Global has invested $3 million in CheckMate, a service that helps restaurants unify orders received across multiple platforms, according to TechCrunch. This is a Series A round for CheckMate and is the first outside funding the startup has received.

Off-premise ordering has become a growing part of a restaurant’s business (at our recent Smart Kitchen Summit, restauranteur Richard Blais said delivery was thirty percent of his restaurant’s business). Services like Uber Eats, PostMates and DoorDash can open up a restaurant to new customers, but it can also bring chaos to a restaurant as none of those services talk to each other. That means restaurants need to set up separate tablets for each platform, resulting in a bank of incoming order screens that staff needs to manage and manually enter into their PoS system.

CheckMate works to alleviate that morass by aggregating all those disparate orders from different services and plugging them into a restaurant’s existing management system. This unification reduces complexity and simplifies the order management process.

The rise in restaurant delivery services has spawned a mini-boom of startups looking to clean up the complications those delivery services create. In addition to CheckMate, there’s also Ordermark and Ingest.ai.

For its part, Tiger Global has been investing in pieces that connect all of the dots when it comes to the evolution of restaurants. In July, Tiger Global invested in restaurant POS software maker Toast, and in September, the company led the $300 million investment in Postmates.

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