Why do we need a data structure for food?

It’s something that the consumer probably doesn’t know about it at all. In fact, if a company is doing their job right, they shouldn’t be aware of it at all. But this underlying layer of terms, analytics, and data plays a critical role in how we all find, cook, and consume food.

In this video from the 2018 Smart Kitchen Summit, Stacey Higgenbotham of Stacey on IoT moderates a deep-dive discussion into the “Internet of Food” with Matthew Lange of IC-Foods, Victor Penev of Edamam, and Kevin Brown of Innit. Watch below as the speakers get nerdy and tackle the importance of data standards to help us eat better food — and maybe live longer, too.

Look out for more videos of the panels, solo talks, and fireside chats from SKS 2018! We’ll be bringing them to you hot and fresh out the (smart) kitchen over the next few weeks.

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