Meet The Spoon: Automat, our brand new podcast about food-related robots and artificial intelligence.

With more than 66 millions workers around the world projected to have their jobs automated, the time is right to understand our robot-filled future. Actually, between Flippy, Cafe X, Blendid, Spyce Kitchen and more, it’s looking like our robot-filled present.

Each week in the Automat, we’ll talk with a different expert using robots or artificial intelligence to change the way we grow, cook and shop for food.

But first, we should level set. Before we can delve into intelligent robots and AI, we need to know what AI actually is–and isn’t. Which is why I was excited to have Derrick Harris as my first guest. He runs the must-listen Architecht podcast and must-read newsletter covering the world of AI extensively. In this inaugural episode Derrick:

  • Gets you up to speed on AI
  • Breaks down the difference between AI, machine learning and deep learning
  • Explains why focus and utility are the most important thing for AI-based startups
  • Says why today is more important than the future for AI

Check out the first episode below. Have a suggestion for a topic or guest? Leave a comment and let us know!

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