Spyce, the meal making robot from minds of MIT alums, will open its first restaurant location this Spring in Boston, and is holding a press event on May 1 to explain its automated, futuristic, vision of fast food.

The Spyce Kitchen is a fully contained, self-cleaning robot kiosk that refrigerates, mixes, cooks and serves up a selection of “bowl” meals. You can see an earlier version of Spyce in action at the MIT dining hall in this video Futurism posted two years ago.

The team from Spyce has partnered with Chef Daniel Boulud to come up with recipes fit for a space age restaurant robot. According to The New Yorker, the latest incarnation of the Spyce Kitchen has been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for commercial use, and later this month, a Spyce restaurant location will open to customers and create seven different types of bowls at $7.50 a piece.

Spyce is part of a new cohort of self-contained food robot kiosks popping up all around us. In addition to Spyce, there is the Cafe X robot coffee shop, Chowbotics’s salad making robot, Sally, and 6d bytes’ new Blendid smoothie maker bot.

We love food robots here at The Spoon and can’t wait to check out the Spyce in action.

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