Cheryl (Clements) Durkee is someone we pay attention to the food tech world. After PieShell, the food crowdfunding platform she founded shut down this year, we wondered where she would head to next. Today we got the answer as ItsaCheckmate announced they’ve brought Durkee on board as its new Vice President of Brand Identity.

ItsaCheckmate provides software which integrates orders from multiple third-party delivery services like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Postmates directly into a restaurants POS. This, in turn makes it easier for restaurant owners and staff to consolidate and input orders from various sources. ItsaCheckmate made news last week when it announced that it had partnered with AllSet to expand beyond delivery orders and into pickup transactions.

Earlier this spring, Durkee’s startup, PieShell was unable to obtain more funding and shut down in March. In addition to providing a means for entrepreneurs to fund their food tech ambitions, PieShell was also instrumental in raising funds for those impacted when PilotWorks abruptly closed its doors last year.

Durkee has been a speaker at our Smart Kitchen Summit events, and at the time of PieShell’s closing, Spoon founder Mike Wolf wrote:

I’ve personally gotten to know Clements myself (she references me in the letter) and, I have to admit, it seems like she’s been a fixture in the world of food innovation forever. That’s probably because Clements is one of those startup founders that seems born for the job, a natural that others (myself included) look to for inspiration.

According to the press announcement, Durkee will lead the company’s branding, public relations and communications strategies.

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