Amanda Gold interviews Tyler Florence. Image: Scott Payton

With our Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle just a few weeks away (Ed. note: Ack! So much to do to get ready), we thought it would be a good idea to revisit a moment that lit up the stage last year.

During his fireside chat last year, celebrity chef Tyler Florence made news when he said he had written his last cookbook, and that he believed “recipes are dead.” In their place, Florence said, the future of home cooking would be more micro-content that you could mix and match based on what you have. You can watch his whole talk in the video below.

While we appreciate his bold, headline-making statement, we didn’t agree with Florence (neither did Milk Street’s Christopher Kimball), and if you read The Spoon regularly, you’ll know we think the recipe is more alive than ever, transforming into a robust discovery and e-commerce platform.

We’re happy to say that Tyler Florence is returning to the Smart Kitchen Summit stage this October. He’ll be talking with Mike Wolf about The Connected Chef and I’m sure Wolf will throw in a question or two about the role of recipes in the connected kitchen.

To get ready for Florence’s (as well as a ton of other great industry leaders‘) appearance at the Smart Kitchen Summit next month, watch his presentation from last year. Then get your tickets and see him for yourself in Seattle.

Tyler Florence and Amanda Gold at the Smart Kitchen Summit 2017 from The Spoon on Vimeo.

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