Summer is almost here (finally!). Time to literally dust off the old plastic cooler stowed away in your garage and fill it with ice and beverages for the balmy days ahead. Better yet, toss that cooler out completely, skip the bags of ice entirely and get the GoSun Chill, which uses a battery pack to create what is essentially a portable mini-fridge.

This is what at least 130 people decided as they collectively plunked down $80,000 dollars on Indiegogo for their own Chills. That means it took less than a day for GoSun to blow past its $12,000 goal for the campaign, which still has 31 days left.

GoSun is famous for its outdoor ovens that cook using the power of the sun, literally. Reflective mirrors and vacuum insulation capture heat from the sun even on a mountaintop to cook meals without electricity (though the company does offer a hybrid solar/electric model).

As The Spoon’s Mike Wolf found out at CES this year, GoSun is cooling things off with the Chill. It uses a battery pack to power brushless DC compressor motors that turn the Chill into a cooler that requires no ice (though it can make ice, if need be) and will keep your beers cool all day off a full charge.

The Powerbank delivering all that juice to the Chill can also be used to charge your phone when you’re out at the park or on the boat, and even has a light. Additionally, GoSun is offering solar panels so you can keep charging the Powerbank throughout the day.

Backers can pick up a GoSun Chill for $479, which is a lot of money to keep your Keystones cold. Plus, they won’t ship until August, which means you’ll only get a month of use out of it before this Summer’s done.

And as we feel compelled to say with every crowdfunded hardware project – caveat emptor. There are plenty of hardware companies that never fulfilled actual products to the people who backed them. Though GoSun has a track record of actually bringing products to market, so perhaps that’s one thing I can Chill about.

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