I was lucky enough to (have a wife who encouraged me to) purchase the second-generation June Oven before they sold out of Batch 1. Like an anxious kid before Christmas, I was constantly refreshing my order tracking page to see exactly when it would arrive. And today was the day!

Before I put it through its paces (I’m running to the store to buy some nice salmon after posting this), I wanted to do a quick unboxing video to show y’all what the oven comes with.

Very early first impressions made solely from taking it out of its box? It’s solid and somewhat heavy (I recommend two people take it out of the box just to be on the safe side), with a good build quality. The oven is also fairly big, so it’s not anything you could store in a cabinet when not in use. I have a pretty good size kitchen, and when I saw how much space it takes up, I made a little crinkly face. But all will be forgiven if it cooks well.

In the meantime, enjoy this video, and look for a June Oven video review in the next day or two!

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