We learned last week from the Specialty Coffee Association and Square that cold brew coffee is hot, surpassing sales of iced coffees here in the U.S. Keeping up with your cold brew habit, however, can get expensive quickly.

To cut down on your cold brew costs, Polar Brew is running a Kickstarter campaign for its Gravity Cold Brew Coffee Maker. This two-in-one system uses a combination of glass carafes and stainless steel filters to let you cold brew your coffee in bulk using either a slow drip or immersion method.

Just add your grounds, pour in your water, and — wait. It takes anywhere from 4 – 8 hours for the drip method and 12 – 24 hours for the immersion method to brew up your batch. When it’s done, remove the grounds container and you’re ready to pour out your first cup without any other steps.

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have proven fertile grounds (sorry) for homegrown coffee devices:

  • The Rite Press “no mess French Press” broke coffee product records on the crowdfunding platform. It featured a removable chamber that you pushed the grounds into for easy cleaning.
  • After some fits and starts, Bonaverde’s Berlin coffee roaster + brewer in one made it to market.
  • The FrankOne uses vacuum extraction technology to remove the crema from your coffee (and also make cold brew), resulting in a sweeter cup of joe.
  • And over on IndieGoGo, the Cora Coffee Brewer is an IoT-enabled precision pour-over coffee system for hardcore java nerds.

Will the Gravity succeed? So far, Polar Brew has raised $6,500 of its $25,000 crowdfunding goal. Early bird backers can pick up a Gravity system for $45 (it will retail for $90), which the company says will ship in February of 2019. Polar Brew claims that the Gravity system will pay for itself within the first two brews.

The question, however, is do you need it? Ninety bucks ain’t nuthin’ and it’s not that hard to grind your own coffee and let it soak overnight. Perhaps the slow drip option plus the ready-to-pour carafe (that admittedly does look nice) will be enough to create cold brew converts.

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