London-based connected appliance company Smarter announced the launch of its new “Powered by Smarter” software platform for appliance makers at the IFA show in Berlin today. The company also announced a partnership with Electrolux for its new Fridge Cam PLUS, which will run on the Powered by Smarter platform.

According to Smarter’s website, the Powered by Smarter platform offers small, pre-configured chipsets that can be integrated to “power almost any sensor, product, interface, protocol, or functional requirement to connect your devices.” Smarter then provides “device firmware and software execution, hardware interfacing, cloud connectivity, and remote device management for your product.”

Additionally, Powered by Smarter will offer appliance Smarter Assist, an AI-powered object recognition system for refrigerator replenishment, and Smarter Analytics for targeted marketing based on insights into consumer behavior. Powered by Smarter devices will also feature support for Siri, Alexa and If This Then That (IFTTT) and other systems.

One of the devices Powered by Smarter is the new FridgeCam PLUS, launched in partnership with AEG/Electrolux. The FridgeCam PLUS builds on Smarter’s previous FridgeCam, which was a camera that could be retrofitted into any fridge allowing you to remotely check on its contents via mobile app.

The new FridgeCam PLUS features a wider and higher-resolution image, as well as SmarterAssist, so it can recognize items in your fridge. The accompanying app, which is new, gives users an inventory of their fridge, an expiration date tracker, shopping lists and automated links for item re-stocking through Tesco and Amazon Fresh in the UK.

The press materials provided didn’t disclose pricing or availability details other than saying “Now with FridgeCam PLUS and Electrolux, users will have the benefit of a smaller, more accessible device that will be available in thousands of appliances across Europe.”

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