Peanut butter and chocolate is probably a slightly odd comparison to make when talking about home beer brewing appliances, but that’s kind of the feeling you get when learning about the new partnership between Brewie and Plaato.

Brewie is a connected home beer brewing appliance that pretty much automates the entire beer brewing process… until you get to the fermentation step. Which is why the company is hopping (ugh, sorry) on board with Plaato, which makes a connected air lock that monitors the fermentation aspect of beer making.

The two companies have integrated their technologies into one mobile app allowing homebrewers to monitor their beer as it goes from grain to wort through fermentation.

Brewie launched in 2015 and went on to crowdfund $720,000. Unlike other crowdfunded home beermaking appliances, Brewie actually delivered, and has sold more than 2,000 units across 50 countries. While the Brewie can be fully automated for the amateur, it is also an open platform that allows more serious brewers to full control every aspect of the brewing process.

The Brewie appliance normally sells for $2,000, but starting on May 10, to promote its partnership with Plaato, customers will be able to purchase a Brewie and Plaato bundle for $1,599 for a limited time (the price will go back up to $2,150 after the promotion ends).

Brewie is billing this partnership as the only system that covers the whole grain-to-beer process, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Picobrew offers the PicoFerm to monitor the fermentation process. And the forthcoming BEERMKR does the brewing and fermenting all in one device.

Regardless of who’s the first or only, the broader point is that whether you’re a n00b or a pro, devices like Brewie and Plaato and BEERMKR are making homebrewing as easy and as sweet as chocolate (stout).

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