They say you eat with your eyes first. When it comes to shopping people still like buying items they can see and feel. EMarketer has a story about a recent study from Adeptmind, which asked people what the biggest perk of shopping in-stores was. The answer, overwhelmingly, was that people like to evaluate products in person for quality and size.

Though the Adeptmind study was about shopping in general, it bolsters an eMarketer survey from March of this year that found 96.1 percent of respondents primarily shopped for food and beverage products in-store vs. digitally.

These findings may seem obvious if you’ve ever had to wait in a very long line at the checkout stand — lots of people still shop in grocery stores. When it comes to items like produce, especially, consumers like to evaluate its quality in person.

The need for people to evaluate food in-person could also provide a value add for retailers offering curbside pickup. It marries the convenience of online ordering and fulfillment, and could also allow customers to check produce quality on the spot and ask for any returns before driving off.

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