DoorDash’s growth continues outpacing its competitors in the third-party delivery space, according to a new report. This week Edison Trends released data on the third-party delivery market that shows DoorDash leads the competition with 35 percent market share of consumer spend, followed by Uber Eats (25 percent) and Grubhub (23 percent).

The lead DoorDash currently enjoys is not surprise, as it’s been a big year for the San Francisco-based service. The company now offers delivery in all 50 U.S. states and was the first to do so. Its $410 million acquisition of Caviar in August gave the service an even wider reach, and over the last 12 months DoorDash has been scoring deals a plenty with major restaurant chains as well as expanding service to other continents.

Right now, DoorDash’s lead is a small one, though. As Edison points out, the company shared “approximately the same market share of consumer spend” with Grubhub and Uber Eats at the beginning of 2019, so a small lead now doesn’t necessarily mean total dominance for the foreseeable future. All of these companies are still looking for ways to boost user loyalty to their specific platforms, not to mention reach some level of profitability.

What’s interesting about DoorDash is that, as a service, it doesn’t tend to dabble in many initiatives outside of partnering with restaurants and acquiring companies that will help deliver food faster. By contrast, Uber Eats seems forever unrolling new features on and off its app, and Grubhub is of late fixed on launching digital-only concept restaurants. Postmates, meanwhile, appears to be turning its attention to large-scale venues like baseball stadiums.

It’s possible part of DoorDash’s lead is due to its simpler-is-better approach, which focuses primarily (though not exclusively) on expanding service and increasing restaurant choice. Whether this is the winning strategy remains anything but certain.

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